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mel 5/22/2011

2007 Saturn Relay-1 Base 6 Cyl 3.9L


ABS Speed sensor needs to be replaced

problem is my L/F wheel is dragging. The shop says I have a bad L/F speed sensor and I need to repalce the entire hub assembly. The ABS light never went on. THis does not make sense to me and thew shop could not explain it very well.

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TechSam 5/22/2011

Did you change the wheel hub? did you clear the code? I really dont understand what you are trying to say. Reply.


mel 5/22/2011

I have not replaced the hub as I do not think that is going to fix the problem. I just looked at the car myself and the inner pad on the driver's side is completely gone. The piston does not retract at all. I think the problem is a frozen caaliper that is throwing off the speed sensor.

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