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jeffrey m carman

jeffre ... 4/3/2010

1996 BMW 328i Base 6 Cyl 2.8L


ABS has quit working and the ABS light is on. Any easy suggestions? I don't want to disassemble the ABS unit.

I checked and cleaned the front hub ABS sensors; haven't done the rears yet. All wiring looks fine, no fuses blown. The light just came on one day. I tried the car on wet pavement in a parking lot and the ABS is NOT working; the car went into a front-wheel skid. I know the service books say "garage mechanics" should not work on the ABS, but I don't have a thousand bucks for the dealer right now. HELP!

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Bob R.

Bob R. 6/11/2010

Clean thr rear sensors first, especially if you live in the snow/salt country. It's important that the sensors have a clean contact with the hubs for a good ground. If you haven't been changing the brake fluid with ATE or DOT4 fluid every two or three years, you could try that also - a long shot, but inexpensive. I assume you have checked the ABS relays in the fuse box and they are OK. If all else fails, find a european car independent shop for the diagnosis. ABS units can be had from some of the BMW junk yards also, but they are a bear to install. Unfortunately, yours (and my) 96 328 are only worth $5K or so, and ABS work is very expensive.


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