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cabnbm127 8/11/2012

2008 BMW 328i Base 6 Cyl 3.0L


My ABS light comes on about once a day. When the light comes on, I'm unable to set cruise control. How can this be fixed

When the light comes on, the car no longer breaks between shifting from neutral to first.

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Bob R.

Bob R. 8/13/2012

The ABS, Traction control, and Cruise control are all tied together since they all need to know what each wheel is doing. You probably have a bad or contaminated ABS sensor on one of the wheels, or a frayed ABS sensor wire (most likely the right front one). You'll need to bring it into an independent BMW repair shop so they can read out the trouble codes to see what is wrong. DOn't go to the dealer for this if you value your checkbook. Try this source for a reliable shop: http://www.bimmershops.com/


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