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Robert Nichols Junior

Robert ... 5/7/2020

2000 Dodge Durango Sport 8 Cyl 4.70L


Abs light and brakes light come on after 60 every time I drive

I have a 2000 Dodge Durango I just replace the rear end with a rear end from a 2001 Dodge Durango mine is a sport I believe this one is a SLT after I finished swapping out the rear ends I changed the ABS speed sensor in the rear end and I have also changed it three times and still get the same lights don't know exactly why they continue to come on and I get a clicking sound from my abs proportioning valve everytime I just apply the brakes can someone tell me what I can do to solve this problem remember I did nothing to it but change the rear end out and I did not have no problem with my abs until then

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Jimm 10/16/2020

Have the ABS system scanned for the specific fault code, to determine where the issue is - or at least where to start the diagnosis.


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