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nattyn ... 3/27/2012

1994 Mercury Cougar XR-7 6 Cyl 3.80L


When I'm driving my rpm will rev up then go back to normal it will be fine for like week then all of sudden will do it

It will run fine then the rpm will shoot up again then b fine then do again

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Camarozen 3/27/2012

With this type of engine, there may be a cold advance throttle actuator. If the problem is only occuring while at idle, I would guess that your actuator is coming on when it shouldn't be, which indicates a problem in one or more of the intake air sensors. Check the engine for codes and carfully clean the MAF and BARO/Ambient Air temp senors with a lint free cloth using only water or mild soap and water.


nattynation 3/27/2012

I've replaced tho O2 sensors and it does it while driving but no engine light does not come on so tester don't detect problem

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