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jvp 3/1/2012
2001 GMC Sierra 1500 HD SLE 8 Cyl 6.0L - Engine
is my alternator going bad?
A few months ago I installed a new battery because my dashboard gauge indicated a drain. Also, at idle the gauge shows a slight drop, as well as my headlights will go dim. it now has no starting power, had to jump to get started. Could it have been the alternator all along, and not the battery? Could my truck have been running on the new battery, and now has been drained over the last few months?
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  • Camarozen
    Camarozen 3/1/2012
    Most likely you have an issue with the alternator, however it might also be a wiring issue. Check all of your battery connections for corrosion and loose connections, as well as the wiring to the alternator and engine ground. You can often have the alternator tested for free at a local part store, however it is usual for many vehicles to produce a lower alternator output voltage at idle.
  • MB
    MB 3/1/2012
    maybe however a bad battery can kill an alternator. Take your vehicle to an autostore and they will provide a diagnostic of the charging system. The battery could have gone bad also even if it is fairly new
    jvp 3/1/2012
    Thank you!!

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