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Paul Paynter

Paul ... 1/9/2012

1998 Dodge B1500 Base 8 Cyl 5.2L


my van will not start the engine turns over but it will not fire

It is a 1998 dodge van with a 318 I have replaced the crank sencer ,and coil I also replaced the 140 amp fuse in the fuse box. I also checked the comp. The fuel pump does not come on and there is no fire going to the coil. I also checked the switch on the collum and it seemes to be alright

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Hot Wheelz Automotive II

You need to see if you have power to the ASDL (automatic shutdown relay) located in the fuse and relay box. You also need to check the oil pressure sending unit. It can ground the ASDL and not allow the vehicle to start.


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