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StevenKirk 1/12/2020

2005 Chevrolet Impala Base 6 Cyl 3.40L

Body & Interior

Why do my windshield wiper blades stop in the middle of my windshield?

When i turn my windshild wipers off, they park just fine, where they should, but when I use one of the intermittent speeds, it pauses in the middle of the windshield instead of at the bottom. I cant find anyone else with this problem so I'm stumped.

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Jimm 1/16/2020

The internal gear jumped its timing mark so the motor thinks the wipers are down. Just remove the wiper arm and reset each one to the "parked" position. There is a little arm looking item (it locks the wiper arm to the pivot point) at the point of which the wiper are moves back and forth on the windshield. Gently move this "arm" away at the base (it wont move very far) and pull the wiper arm off and put it back on where it should be at the rest or parked position.


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