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2013 Chevrolet Express 2500 LT 8 Cyl 6.00L


What are Stretch Belts and What are their applications?

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Stretch belts (Serpentine Belt)

For more than two decades, automakers have integrated additional drive segments into one belt. The stretch band removes the load from the main additional belt drive, allowing for better bundling, and considering the less belt means less tension and less click and vibration problems to handle the NVH problem.

Stretch belts Application

If you see a belt on a new type of vehicle that does not have an automatic tensioner and runs only between few parts, it may be a stretch band. Some OE elastic bands have the word "stretch" or "elastic" on the back.

Stretch Belts Average Life
The stretch band can last for 100,000 miles or more, but this can vary significantly depending on the condition of the vehicle and the location of the installation. This is the reason for the proposed check; you can't just go by the mileage.

When the stretch band exceeds the wear detail, it is can't grab the pulley and begins to slide. The main reason for sliding is that the material is discharged from the groove of the belt rather than the belt. After a period of time, minute debris and the interactions with the pulley will wear the shoulders and recesses of the groove.
When the groove becomes too shallow, the pulley hits the bottom of the rock. When this happens, the divider of the groove will no longer clamp the pulley. It is essential to evaluate the depth of the groove when determining when to replace the belt. Two belts are sold together in succession. Most serpentine belts wear at a similar speed to stretch belts and must be evacuated to support most stretch belts.

Examination of Stretch belt (Serpentine belt)

When inspecting the stretch tape, the depth of the groove can be reliably measured by the inspection device because the contrast between the well-used belt and the appropriate belt cannot be seen or felt. A new material used to make the stretch band do not crack before the groove wears.

Removal of Stretch belt

If you are eliminating the old stretch band, cut it off. If the belt is still suitable, you can use the correct belt unit to discharge the belt to access different parts, but its highly recommend that you change the belt if you have a very vague idea about its history.

Stretch belt (Serpentine belt) installation

Before requesting another stretch tape, check the catalog for any other parts, such as idlers and special instruments. These stretch bands have an elastic core for maintaining tension on the pulley. Stretch belts are used to stretch more than one pulley during installation, usually a crank or a maximum pulley.
Never use a screwdriver or other sharp object to install the belt, as the belt will eventually fail if the belt is cut or the surface or groove of the pulley is damaged. Various equipment and belt manufacturers offer special equipment that can be used as a ramp on the leading edge of the pulley. Some applications require special instruments to secure the belt to the pulley.

Always seek the right direction for the instrument and determine the correct direction to turn the crankshaft.After installing the belt, always confirm that the belt is in the groove and recheck for misalignment problems.


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