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Rock Sam

Rock Sam 11/16/2018

2016 BMW 535i Luxury 6 Cyl 3.00L

Preventive Maintenance

Which site is best for buy car parts or auto parts?

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Partsavatar Carparts

Ideally, you want original equipment quality with an aftermarket discount price. Buying parts from a local car dealer will give you OEM quality but at a significantly higher price.

You Don't Have to Take Your Car Back to the New Car Dealer to Get It Fixed; following are some advantages to buy your car parts locally or aftermarket store:

1. No waiting for parts if you need the parts now. Most stores stock a wide variety of commonly replaced parts. If a part is not in stock, it can usually be delivered to the store the same day or next day from a warehouse.

2. You don't have to pay a shipping charge for the parts you buy, or wait days or weeks for parts to arrive from who-knows-where?

3. Most retail auto parts stores give you the option to order online, and then pick up the parts at your local store.

4. If you have a question, you can ask a real live person face-to-face in a store. You can't do that online.

5. If you have to compare parts to identify the correct replacement part, you can do that in a store. You can't do that online.

6. If you need to exchange old parts or return parts for a core credit, you can do that live-in person without having to pay a shipping charge.

7. If you have a problem, a warranty issue, or want to return a part, you can also do that and talk with the manager face to face. Resolving an issue online can often be a challenge.

8. You can browse in the store for sale items or other parts or accessories you might need (like motor oil, antifreeze, specialty chemicals, etc.).

9. You can have your alternator or starter bench tested to see if it is good or bad. You can't do that online.

10. You can get your old rotors resurfaced when doing a brake job.

11. Things like motor oil, chemicals, coolant, wiper blades, filters, etc. are best purchased locally rather than online.


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