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Rock Sam

Rock Sam 11/16/2018

2016 BMW 535i Luxury 6 Cyl 3.00L

Preventive Maintenance

What is Fuel Meter Assembly and How to Replace a Fuel Meter Assembly of my car?

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What is the fuel meter assembly?

The fuel meter on your vehicle is a gauge on your dash that tells you how much gas is in your tank. In older vehicles, the fuel level sensor in the fuel tank reads the resistance from the float level and transmits that to the fuel gauge. In newer vehicles the information goes through a body control module which then sends a signal to the fuel meter. The needle on the fuel gauge goes up or down based on the resistance sent by the fuel level sensor.

How do you know your fuel meter assembly needs to be replaced?

1. Your fuel gauge inaccurately shows that your tank is either full or empty all the time.

2. The level may read erratically.

Remove the fuel meter assembly:

Step 1: Open the driver's side door. Remove the dash panel cover using your screwdriver, torques bit, or Allen wrenches.

Step 2: Remove the lower panel. Remove the lower panel under the dash, if any.

Step 3: Remove the clear shield from the dash cluster. Remove the mounting hardware that secures the instrument cluster to the dash.

Step 4: Disconnect the harnesses. Disconnect the harnesses from the instrument cluster. You may have to reach up under the dash to remove the harnesses.

Step 5: Remove the mounting hardware of the meter. If your meter can be removed from the instrument cluster, do so by removing the mounting hardware or the locking tabs.

Install the new fuel meter assembly:

Step 1: Install the fuel meter assembly into the instrument panel. Attach the hardware to the fuel meter to secure it in place.

Step 2: Reconnect the harness to the instrument cluster. Make sure that each harness connects to the cluster at the points where it was taken off.

Step 3: Install the instrument cluster into the dash. Fasten all connectors into place or screw in all mounting hardware.

Step 4: Install the clear shield into the dash cluster. Tighten all fasteners to secure the shield.

Step 5: Install the lower panel. Install the lower panel onto the dash and tighten up the screws. Install the dash panel cover and secure it with the mounting hardware.


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