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2016 Audi A4 Premium 4 Cyl 2.00L

Preventive Maintenance

How do I diagnose P0153 OBD-II Trouble Code in O2 Sensor Circuit Slow Response of a car?

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PartsAvatar Ca

PartsAvatar Ca 2/24/2018

What the P0153 code means?

The P0153 trouble code is an indication that the oxygen sensor is not properly regulating the fuel and oxygen levels. The oxygen sensor voltage switches between high voltage (fuel) and low voltage (air) at a rapid rate of speed.

When the oxygen sensor switches at a speed that is slower than normal, it causes a slow response between the oxygen sensor and the power control module (PCM).

What causes the P0153 code?

The oxygen sensor is faulty
The wiring to the sensor is broken / frayed
There is an exhaust leak

What are the symptoms of the P0153 code?

These could include a lean or rich condition in the engine, decreased fuel efficiency, black smoke from the tailpipe, and an illuminated service engine soon lamp.

Common mistakes when diagnosing the P0153 code:

Technicians report replacement of oxygen sensors, when lean or rich engine conditions are the cause of incorrect readings, is fairly common. Replacement of the incorrect oxygen sensor is also a possibility.

What repairs can fix the P0153 code?

1. Repairing broken or bare wires going to the oxygen sensor
2. Repairing leaks in the exhaust
3. Repairing vacuum leaks
4. Replacing the oxygen sensor


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