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Jordan Jones

Jordan ... 1/26/2017

2003 Cadillac Escalade Base 8 Cyl 6.00L

Preventive Maintenance

Loud grinding noise, ABS light?

I've been hearing a horribly loud noise from the front of my car lately; I can only describe it as grinding. I can also feel the vibrations on my floorboard. As I'm driving, my ABS light goes crazy turning on and off every few seconds. For the first time yesterday, after I let off the brake at a stoplight, my traction control came on and I was unable to accelerate. I had to manually turn it on/off to get it to stop quickly. This happened a few other times as I was just driving down the road.
I need to commute from one town to another twice a week, and I'm scared to drive.
Please help!

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Ray 1/26/2017

There is not much we can tell you online other than the car must be inspected by your repair shop asap. The most common cause of a grinding sound is worn brake pads. If you are afraid to drive the vehicle, have it towed.


Teddy B 1/26/2017

Good Advice-Also
That Said-the only reason brakes would be
an issue --is neglect--failure to do anything

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