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teache ... 1/24/2017

2000 Dodge Dakota Sport 6 Cyl 3.90L


Engine runs fine then stalls. May restart immediately or after a few minutes.

2 days ago I started the truck and it died immediately and wouldn't restart. I did a quick check under the hood for signs that a chipmunk may have chewed up some wiring. Nothing looked amiss. I had an appointment and left in another vehicle for a couple hours. When I got back home I got into the truck and it started right up and seemed to run fine. I got in the truck today started it up drove it about 25 miles some of it on the interstate without any problems. I picked up a friend and didn't shut off the truck. I drove about 3 blocks turned a corner and the truck died in the intersection. It started back up and I drove it about 2 more blocks when it died again. I pulled over to curb and it wouldn't start. I waited about 5 minutes and it started right away. It did it again after 2 more right turns. I'm thinking dirty fuel filter. Any suggestions?

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Ray 1/25/2017

The first step in trouble shooting is to connect a scanner and check for codes. Could be a fuel delivery or ignition problem.


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