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eagleeye 7/31/2012
2000 Dodge Caravan Sport 6 Cyl 3.3L - Engine
what guage of wire would i use for a fusible link?
The radio,gauges,interior & exterior lights, power door locks,etc. stopped working while i was driving so i pulled over. when i tried to start it again it wouldn't. i looked under the hood and the fusible link wire(green) coming from the fuse panel (under the hood) was burnt in half. if i connect it everything works but it gets way too hot. no warning lights are on. i need to replace the wire but not sure what guage to use.
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  • Ray
    Ray 7/31/2012
    If you ad just a wire and there is a direct short , you could burn out other components. Why did the fusible leak burn in half?
    eagleeye 8/1/2012
    i am not sure why. all i know is that the wire is getting too hot and i think it may be rubbing against the plastic cover on my fuse panel. i tried to follow the wire but it goes into another cluster of wires. the metal link (possibly fues link) that connects the two different sized wires, was caroated. the smaller wire was the burnt one. it was a silver wire and i'm asuming it should be copper. if its an easy fix i dont want to pay a mechanic to search around just so they can make some money.
  • HouseCallAuto
    HouseCallAuto 7/31/2012
    I believe that the fuse link you are referring to is a 10 gauge wire. You need to replace it with this for example >>

    If I am referring to the correct fuse link (I think I am) according to the wiring schematic I looked at, This fuse link would also cut power to the heavy wire at the alternator (confirm that by separating the fuse link you connected and then confirm no power at heavy wire at rear of alternator). In my diagram this fuse link is also color coded Dark Green. Keep in mind that the fuse link that failed almost always failed for a reason. Something on that same circuit shorted out or is intermittently shorting out or has high resistance. After you confirm that I am detailing the correct fuse link I can give you more info about possible causes for the fuse link failure and how to find which one it was.
    eagleeye 8/1/2012
    i believe it is connected to the alternator because i needed to boost the battery before it would start. the smaller wire(green) that was connected to the larger wire is the one that burnt. i think it is rubbing on the plastic cover on my fuse panel. the smaller wire was silver but i'm assuming it should be copper.i just dont want to pay a machanic to search around. if i know what it is then they can't over charge me.

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