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jsimp5048 3/15/2010

1999 Dodge Ram 1500 Base 4 Cyl 6.0L


99 Dodge Ram, cold weather not starting.

99 Dodge 1500 Ram, new battery, ignition switch, alt and starter. will not start in colder weather. that is below 55 or so, When it warms up a little, it starts. If already warm it might restate or not.
Perhaps a bad relay somewhere? had injector relay go bad 2 years ago. help?

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HouseCallAuto 3/16/2010

When you say "will not start" does that mean the engine does not crank or it cranks over but does not fire over? Since you replaced several things that have to do with cranking or a dead battery I'll assume that it does not crank over when it gets cold.

Do this first. This is gonna seem a bit simple a suggestion but I see this sometimes. Make 1000% certain that the battery terminals are in pristine condition. I know you said you had a new battery. Pay particular attention to the positive battery terminal where the two battery cables attach to the terminal. If the copper wiring under the insulation is not bright and shiny where it makes it's contact with the terminal, cut the terminal off, cut back insulation to shiny copper and replace the terminal.

Kevin - HouseCall Auto Mechanics


jsimp5048 4/1/2010

All fine. Cold temp no crank.

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