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kathy 11/18/2010

1997 GMC P3500 Base 8 Cyl 6.5L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

i have 97 gmc 3500 6.5 diesel and i need to know about the fuel injection pump

i am going to have to replace it any how to's?

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Solid Snake

Solid Snake 11/18/2010

Unfortunately i, unable to post the pictures so ill just do my best in describing it to you.

1. Remove batt cables
2. Remove your intake manifold
3. Cover the ports to prevent foreign material from falling into the engine
4. Remove the injection line clips from the loom brackets
5. Remove and cap the injection lines and nozzles
6. Remove the cap the injection lines at the pump
7. Remove the fuel inlet line from the injection pump.
8. Disconnect electrical connectors and hoses from injection pump
9. Remove fuel return line from the top of injection pump
10. Remove oil tube and grommet

Now, you have to rotate your engine to gain access to the bolts (through oil filler neck hole) that secure driven gear to fuel injection pump

Then remove it once you see it.

Caution: Do not rotate engine with the fuel injection pump removed. The pump driven gear can jam the front housing resulting in shearing of crank/cam shaft gear keys and valve train damage. (Ouch!!!!)

11. Remove the fuel injection pump mounting nuts
12. Remove fuel injection pump and flange gasket
15. Cap all open nozzles and fuel lines


1. Install new flange gasket on fuel injection pump
2. Adjust locating stud to match with slotted hole in driven gear

Caution: Locating stud on fuel injection pump hub must mate with slotted hole in driven gear

3. Install fuel injection pump and mounting nuts 30ft lbs
4. Install all driven gearo bolts to allow for proper alignment of bolt holes. Torque to 18 ft lbs
5. Install oil filler tube grommet and tube
6. Install fuel feed and fuel lines to fuel injection pump
7. Install harnessess and elec connectors
8. Uncap fuel lines and nozzles
9. Install injection lines at the nozzles. Torque to 20 ft lbs
10. Install injection line clips at loom brackets
11. Uncover intake ports
12. Install intake manifold
13. Install battery cables


maddog 11/20/2010

Im not sure what problems you are having but before I went through trouble of replacing pump if you are having stalling issues it probally is the Pump Mounted Driver . Just google 6.5 diesel stalling and it will lead you down the rite path


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