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AutoMD ... 1/21/2014

1997 Honda Civic EX 4 Cyl 1.6L


97 Civic Ex tries to crank, but will not start. Where to start troubleshooting?

This problem just arose today out of nowhere. I wasn't having any previous problems with the car. My fuel level was pretty low so when I went outside and it wouldn't start, my initial thought was I had ran it too low and didn't have enough fuel for it to fire. So I put about 3 gallons in the tank and tried again. Same result. The engine tries to start up but will not.
The temperature outside with wind chill was around 4 degrees today. One problem I've thought about, and I'm hoping is the answer, is that I have a little water in my fuel system somewhere and something froze up. I will have to wait a couple days to test that theory though.
I have not checked the spark plugs or wires yet.
Guy at work mentioned that it's probably the timing belt as the car has about 200k miles on it. I've had it for about 100kof those and I know I have never changed the belt out.. He suggested I check the compression in the engine..
I am really hoping that is not the issue. Anthing I else I look into?

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HouseCallAuto 1/21/2014

Stay with the basic flow of diagnostics first. Check for ignition spark. Yes / No ?


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