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janieray7 4/17/2010
1995 Toyota Corolla Base 4 Cyl 1.6L - Steering & Suspension
A 95 Toyota Corolla with 58,000 miles; tires squeal when turning steering wheel right to left and in reverse.
When I start my car and turn the steering wheel from right to left; there is a squealing noise I think is coming from the tires. When I put the car in Reverse and back out out from anywhere; the squealing noise coming from the tires or maybe a hose that needs to be replaced is terrible and everyone around me keeps hackling me and tells me to get a new car; but not a Toyota because of all the problems Toyota has. I am afraid to drive over 35 mph; that I might break a hose or get a flat tire. The power steering fluid is okay and so are all the other essential fluids. This car has never given me any problems and I don't want to lose it; because for the last 15 yrs. it is the most reliable car around.
Could I need all new tires, some belts and hoses etc.
If you can give me some kind of an answer; I would appreciate it very much.
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  • RC
    RC 4/27/2010
    Does the squealing noise happen while the vehicle is moving? It almost sounds like the brake pad wear indicator.
  • janieray7
    janieray7 4/30/2010
    The brake pads wear changed about 6 months ago; but the calipers were not. Like I said all the fluids were changed. Someone said that it might have something to do with the power steering; such as a worn out belt or hose. Any more answers would be appreciated.
  • Jeepers
    Jeepers 9/2/2010
    It sounds to me like your alternator belt is slipping. The belt on the 1.6 has to be very tight. I have also had this problem. By the way my car has over 200,000 mi on it.

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