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John Younghaus

John ... 3/23/2011

1995 Toyota T100 Base 4 Cyl 2.70L


My 95 Toy T100 4 cyl, misfires in 3 out of 4 cylinders. Runs bad in 1st and 2nd gears. Compression is good.

Plugs have been replaced, Fuel Pump replaced, Acts like fuel not flowing thru injectors right? Maybe timing?
Maybe head problem?

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Team Associated

Team Associated 3/23/2011

Possible Causes:
• Vacuum leak in the system
• Faulty fuel injectors
• Faulty ignition coil/s or coil pack
• Faulty camshaft position sensor
• Faulty high tension wires or spark plugs
• Faulty lambda probes (Oxygen sensors)
• Faulty ECU/ECM (Electronic Control Unit/Module)
• Burned exhaust valves
• Stuck or blocked EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve

Possible Solutions:
• Seal/replace parts with a vacuum leak
• Replace faulty injectors
• Replace faulty ignition coil/s or coil pack
• Replace faulty camshaft position sensor
• Replace faulty high tension wires or spark plugs
• Replace faulty lambda Probes (Oxygen sensors)
• Replace faulty ECU/ECM (Electronic Control Unit/Module)
• Replace burned exhaust valves
• Replace stuck EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve

Team Associated

John Younghaus 3/24/2011

Thanks, Extremely helpful. Are these in order of possible culprits?
Again thanks, John

Team Associated

2steve 3/25/2011

Great checklist. Try all these 1st. then do the next thing listet from housecallauto. Get a good and safe cleaner as he says.


2steve 3/24/2011

try the map sensor or the cam sensor. could also be an airflow sensor. When were the injectors cleaned or have they been replaced?


HouseCallAuto 3/24/2011

Disconnect (just the electrical connector) the mass air flow sensor and see if the truck runs substantially better. If it does, replace the sensor. Try cleaning first but I doubt it will solve it but try. Buy the $5 aerosol cleaner for the MAF sensor. When you unplug the MAF sensor the computer sees the open circuit and uses a substitute sensor value as a temporary help and often this substitute value allows the truck to suddenly seem to run almost normal, but it is not a setting that you can leave like that.


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