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Chris 4/1/2010
1993 Ford Ranger XL 6 Cyl 4.0L - Engine
93 ford ranger random stalling while driving
I have a 93 Ford Ranger 6cyl 4 liter. While driving (randomly at any speed, but usually after its warmed up) the engine just stops for a second and then goes (I see the rpms drop) Its just for a second and sometimes does it a few times in a row. Sometimes its fine. Im afraid that its just gonna die and leave me stranded. Any ideas were to start? Thanks, Chris
2 Answers
  • Josh
    Josh 4/1/2010
    Any noises? Could be the fuel pump is clogged or timing belt needs checking.
  • Bill Bowen
    Bill Bowen 4/2/2010
    Check the fuel filter. Disconnect the front of the filter from the fuel line (have someone help you), turn the key to the start position, but don't start it. If the fuel filter is good, gas should squart out, If it comes out slow then replace the Filter.

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