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jrolen 10/25/2010

1991 Nissan Axxess 4x4 4 Cyl 2.40L

Preventive Maintenance

i have a '91 nissan 4x4 pickup;it runs ;but no elec, such as lights,radio,or a/c

this problem will happen half the time;sometimes all the electrical will b just fine and other times no electrical will work ;such as no lights at all ,radio,ac/heater;but windsheild whipers work

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Bobby 10/25/2010

sounds like it could be a relay problem, or wiring problem. check the main power to the fuse panel when everything is out if no power is getting there then you will want to check the relay's


jrolen 10/25/2010

thank u;yeah i thot it mite b a relay;but wasnt for sure;didnt know which one it could be or if were something else minor;thank you very much sir

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