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Deans 89VW

Deans 89VW 9/5/2012

1989 Volkswagen Jetta Base 4 Cyl 1.6L


89 VW Jetta diesel brakes work if only depress the pedal once if pump the pedal it goes to the floor soft scary to stop

Mechanics have replaced rear shoes and slave cylinders, booster and master cylinder ,pads and calipers on front. the vacuum pump vane type seems to have vacuum but not sure its enough. (anyone know what the vacuum should be on a VW system). Two mechanics said there is a problem but they cant find it but it does stop so I should just learn to drive it this way. I can verify that the new parts were put on but the problem persists.

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Deans 89VW

Deans 89VW 1/28/2013

Through a long process of trial and error I discovered it was a vacuum leak in the heater controls. Five shops worked on it and I solved it myself.


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