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craig 8/22/2012

1987 Dodge Diplomat SE 8 Cyl 5.2L


I have An 87 Dodge Diplomat with NO spark .I have power at coil but NO spark. If Car has a balast resistor ,I can't find

Tried- Coil ,cap ,rotor ,computer

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jdl 8/22/2012

Use a testlite on negative side of coil, engine cranking, It should pulse. If no pulse, problem with ground side of coil. The ground usually pulses on and off. My wiring info for your model year is very limited, I can't track the ground circuit for the coil. Any applicable trouble codes?


craig 8/22/2012

tried testlite ,no pulse. the - side goes to ECM the printed part of repair man says to check balast resistor, but wiring diagram doesn't show one. also coil pick-up shows 292 ohms.


jdl 8/23/2012

But there is voltage on the ground side? What little wiring I could find on your model year, didn't show a ballist resister either. I looked at an online parts-book, It didn't show ballast resister part for that model year, rockauto.com.

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