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bluelars 3/16/2012

1984 Chevrolet Celebrity Base 4 Cyl 2.50L


My 84 celebrity is hard to start. what do i replace?

takes about 30 seconds of start-quit,4-5 times, before it starts, or it starts right away but at a low, pulsing idle. After one of these happens, it has a high idle while in park or sitting at a light but goes down if i tap the gas, but still sounds high. Engine shakes violently while in park or sitting but seems fine while driving. Check engine light is on.

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jdl 3/16/2012

How long since a tune-up? If your computer controled, any applicable trouble codes? Do you have good power at higher speeds?


bluelars 3/18/2012

i just bought the car recently planning on putting in a 6cylinder but need the money first, so i just want to make sure it lasts me for a while. I tried having the computer read but noone in town has a reader that goes back that far. It seems to idle high too btw. havent driven over 50 mph yet, but seems fine up til then. Also i started to notice that it jolts when i put it into drive.


jdl 3/18/2012

You shouldn't need a code reader for that, use a jumper wire between the A & B terminals at the datalink connector.

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