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ryoungs 4/7/2010

1983 Chevrolet S10 Base 4 Cyl 1.9L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

My 83 Chevy truck shifts stiffly after changing the transmission

I've got an 83 Chevy truck with a 305 and I just did a transmission swap for a 350 tubro, the guy who had the truck before me put in a different th350, but the truck originally had a 700r4 and now I can't get it to shift right I've been playing with the vacum lines and replacing the old bad ones, but it stiff shifts into 2nd around 50mph and 3rd at 65.

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DrkShdw983 9/8/2010

I would check for clearance around the shift cable and make sure it's routed correctly. Also make sure you have the right A/T fluid in it. Not sure if this applies to your transmission but if it has a transmission range sensor than that could also be the problem. Good luck, let me know what it was when you find out!


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