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david 4/16/2013

2005 Honda Civic LX 4 Cyl 1.7L

Body & Interior

$800 for paint transfer repair? Second opinion needed

I was involved in a minor auto scuff on Monday morning.
Here's the car:
The damage that she claims happened on Monday is in the upper right. The bumper isn't deformed at all - purely cosmetic - looks like paint transfer. The scrapes on the left and center, she admitted, are from prior accidents, and the front one at least is gouged through the paint.
She took it to a body shop "where her cousin works," or some such thing, and where she thought she could get it fixed affordably. Here's the $800 estimate:
Page 1 - http://imgur.com/Yl3iNtY
Page 2 - http://imgur.com/VCHWZ44
I understand that car repairs are expensive, but the total doesn't seem reasonable: the amount of work estimated is almost 13 hours of labor. Seems incredibly extensive for the removal of some paint transfer. I'm guessing that she's having the front gouges from the prior accidents fixed as well (she mentioned that it's her mom's car).

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Jimm 4/21/2013

The body shop repairs will vary by the individual shop even in the same location / area. Best bet is to have one or more auto body repair shops in your area provide an estimate after a thorough inspection of the work needed. To find a shop, you can try the 'Find-A-Shop' feature on the AutoMD website.


HouseCallAuto 4/21/2013

It seems that you are paying $800 to refinish the damaged bumper. It is not even getting replaced. The typical body shop charges about $800 to remove old, paint the new (new bumper comes un-painted) and re-install. Why someone would go to all the trouble of removing and then working on for hours instead of replacing is beyond me. By that logic, refinishing the old one should be less money. Also, it seems that the bumper in question had an equal amount of prior damage, so that should mitigate costs passed on to you, not by the body shop but maybe by the car owner out of fairness?


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