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texas 11/10/2011

2011 Toyota Venza Base 6 Cyl 3.5L


6 months old toyota venza has what dealer says is normal floating caliper brake reset noise .

Car has 6000 miles now. noise started at about 2500 and is now louder and more often. Sounds like a clunk or bump coming from rear of car after going from cold stop and turning left or right. Two toyota dealers have said it sounds like disk brake caliber resetting and normal with floating caliper brakes on all new toyota cars. It happens more often when leaving garage in morning or after letting car sit for about an hour. Is this correct what the dealers are saying? Any way to correct this noise?

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Jimm 11/10/2011

There are a few possibilities. The brake pads in the calipers should always ride close to the rotors. If they did not, then the brake pedal would be low when first applied. Clunking noises are generally not associated with the calipers unless there is something loose or worn. Since your car is new, I tend to look away from "worn" as being the issue. Having a noise only occur on a turn might indicate something suspension related that gets stressed during turns. A thorough inspection of the suspension components, and brake parts is advisable. If the noise continues to get worse, that is a sign that something could be wrong.
Caliper slides and areas where movement occurs should be lubricated with the proper brake lube to make sure calipers move easily and noise free.


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