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crakin ... 4/3/2010

1986 Honda Civic DX 4 Cyl 1.30L


My 5986 honda civic dx keeps over heating

i have replace the stock cooling fan it now runs off a toggle switch turned on when car is on at all times. the thermastat has been replace the coolint flused from
radiator and motor. people say it has to be the head gasket. is that all thats left? i have ordere a head gasket for it but dont wont to install it if it couldnt be that. i have no water in
the oil it runs hot up hills and about 70mph on highways. please help me out.

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Gary y.

Gary y. 4/6/2010

When the cooling fan does not turn on, your thermo fan switch is bad. It is located on the engine
block or radiator. Reconnect the original cooling fan power connector. One can test it by
short wire across the fan switch terminal. If the fan turns on, your cooling fan relay might be bad.

When one is changing the coolant or flushing the radiator, the air bleeder screw must be loosen
when putting the coolant into the radiator. Having the toggle switch to turn on all the time, might
interfere the cooling system. At high speed , much of the air is force into the radiator to cool the
radiator. If the head gasket is bad, you probably will have the white smoke or loosing coolant.
I hope this might help.



if you dont have white smoke or your oil is not a creamy choclolat color then i would chack the water pump. thats if you checked and done every thing else that was replyed to you


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