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tom 10/8/2012

2002 Chevrolet S10 ZR2 6 Cyl 4.3L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

why does the 4wd fuse blow when I push any of the 4wd buttons to engage same

replace fuse each time but blows gain evan if standing still or just w`/ ignition on

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HouseCallAuto 10/8/2012

Check the front axle indicator switch for shorting to ground. If the switch is not shorted then understand that the brown wire (12 volts) is suspect for being the fuse killer and anyplace that it can short out will pop the fuse. That being said:

1. Check the Brown wire to the front axle, pin A of the front axle switch.

2. Check the Brown wire to the Transfer Case Control Module, pin C8.

3. Check the Brown wire to the transfer case select switch on the Instrument Panel, pin C of the switch connector.

4. Check the Brown wire to the Vehicle Control Module under the hood, pin 13 of the black connector.


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