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pepecob 1/16/2011

1991 Mercedes Benz 300TE 4Matic 6 Cyl 3.0L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

why is my 4matic light on?

it is on from the time i start the engine, the thing is that I don't feel any symptoms at all someone told me to check for low transfer case fluid and I did and it is fine.I disconnected the battery to try to erase the code but the light still there.I am unable to retrieve the code(s) since it is a 1991.Any ideas or solutions,please,I will greatly appreciate.

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yboy82 1/16/2011

If you already try to reset it and it will still came back, try to diagnose your vehicle with a scan tool to determine what is the stored trouble code your light is indicating. And you can post here the extracted trouble code.


pepecob 1/17/2011

what kind of scanner do I need to get the codes, and where is the control center


Toolman 4/2/2011

There is also a reservoir that is specifically for 4-matic hydraulic fluid that would be the one to check. The fluid is available thru mercedes dealers and is about $20 a quart. When mine was low the light would come on. The 4-matic would also not work. It is a plastic tank with a black rubber cap that pulls out with a small dipstick on it. Another reason the ligt is sometimes on is that there is a group of modules under the hood against the firewall. My 1993 300TE had a bad seal under the hood and everytime these modules got wet the light would stay on. I would open the compartment, dry it out and it would then again be fine. I fixed the seal.


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