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jontimber 4/22/2011

1988 Chevrolet G30 Hi-Cube 8 Cyl 5.7L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

I just had my 400 auto transmission rebuilt. I installed it back and right off, reverse wouldn't work.

I just installed my new rebuilt 400 auto transmission. When I got it all back together, and started it up, reverse seemed very hesitant, and needed alot of pedal to get to work. After a few runs, I completely lost reverse. Everything else works good. Could it be something out of the transmission that I forgot, or is it in the transmission?

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mopar 4/22/2011

low oil pressure, stuck pressure regulator, or boost valve, ball#1 missing, manual valve linkage, clutch seal rings, porous cross leak, gasket screen pressure, low and reverse clutch assembly. even a piece of lint in a spool valve...can make a bad day


HouseCallAuto 4/22/2011

Seems that you know your transmissions Mopar. I'm impressed.

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