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Carl Busnick

Carl ... 7/7/2012

1986 GMC C2500 Base 8 Cyl 5.70L


350 engine with carb . Truck runs great in morning. When it gets hot it will sputter (like it's not getting gas) I've pu

I've put an electric fuel pump, rerouted the gas line, cleaned the carb, tuned it up with new plugs, changed parts in the distributor. I runs great then when it gets hot it cuts out or when you come to a red light and stop, it will stall but then restarts,( if you "double" foot it on gas and brake and give it a little more gas it "sometimes" is OK) and will start but when you give it gas it is like it is not getting gas. I have had it to three different shops and they can't figure it out.

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Jimm 7/7/2012

Check the; float level, the accelerator pump setting, and the choke pull-off setting (if equipped). The problem may be related to fuel line vapor lock - try to wrap the fuel line with high temperature wrap - as insulation from the excess heat.


Carl Busnick 7/8/2012

Thank you, I will try that! I also heard that it could be the coil, when it heats up it runs irregular. I changed that and will try and run the truck tomorrow,. If that isn't it, I will try your suggestion! Thanks again!!!.

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