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AutoMD ... 5/7/2014

2005 Pontiac Grand Am SE 6 Cyl 3.40L


3 1/2 quarts of oil disappeared, where did it go?

Last oil change 3500 miles previous, never burned any oil. No oil on garage floor, auto under carriage or engine area. Car never smoked (exhaust). Low oil lite came on, drove 5 miles, put in 1qt. drove home (7 miles) and added 2 1/2 qts to bring to full on stick. Car now has tick/knock in engine. Maybe lifters, wrist pin or rod bearing? Any thoughts or similar experience? Happy Camper NOT, Thanks

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GT500Knights 5/7/2014

Check to see if oil is in the coolant. If so, you may have bad head gasket. Check all around engine to ensure no oil is dripping anywhere. It is also possible that an oil galley plug has popped off, and there may be engine oil mixing with transmission fluid. Piston rings may be badly worn, causing excess oil to enter combustion chamber. If car continuously burns oil while idling, piston rings are bad. If blue smoke comes from tailpipe only when throttle is snapped, valve guides are worn. Rear main bearing seal for crankshaft may be damaged.


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