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Natapp1 12/28/2020

2011 Ford Escape XLT 4 Cyl 2.50L


2011 ford escape xlt engine problem

So today I was charging my battery on my car and I saw this [see picture below]. It was not there a week ago because I topped of my windshield washer fluid and I didn't see it at that time. I used my finger to wipe some up and this is what it looked like [see picture below]. It either smelled like engine oil or transmission oil im not sure which one. I can also tell you that it had some little metallic stuff mixed into the fluid as well. The transmission oil has also never been changed at all. I also drive the car everyday and it has not been driving any different however it has been shifting at higher rpms then normal. Also I just got a remote start and I've been using that all the time. Any help you can give me would on what is happening would be greatly appreciated.All of the fluids except the transmission fluid has been changed regularly. The transmission fluid hasn't been changed due to the fact that I bought the car about 20K Miles ago and the mechanic I talked to said that they

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Jimm 10/17/2022

No accurate method to determine the specific fluid type via the internet. Engine oil is gold to dark brown in color, and transmission fluid is pink to dark brown in color.


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