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samt 11/25/2010

2009 Hyundai Genesis 4.6 8 Cyl 4.6L


I own a 2010 Genesis 4.6 V8: motor SHAKES are felt in steering, yet denied by service dept. Normal?

This model n/a yet as a choice in selections. My problem from day 1: car shakes at idle & at low speeds and can be felt on the steering wheel. I also noticed the MPG consumption is low (13-14 mpg in-town.) The dealer service dept has denied any problems. After I noticed the vibration, I tested six new cars: FOUR out of the six vibrated at various levels. This is unacceptable for "near luxury" car.

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Autobahn 11/25/2010

I believe at this point you need legal adivce that mechanical advice because: (If that happened to me, i'd go to the ends of the earth to sew them since the problem began on day 1)

1. If you let anybody/you touch/fix stuff on your vehicle, no more warranty
2. Your car is brand new and there is warranty
3. You said "The dealer service dept has denied any problems" and "FOUR out of the six vibrated at various levels". With all due respect, Hyundai is a crappy company to begin with. And if that type of vibration is normal better look for another car because it will just give you more problems in the future.

Nobody beats the Japanese when it comes to car reliability (No im not BIASED, my statement is based on facts and real life experience)

Enjoy the article (11/12 cars are Japanese) and hopefully it will guide you on your next car purchase.


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