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squeely 2/3/2013

2010 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 6 Cyl 4.0L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

2010 ford explorer. Key wont come out of ignition. Shifter pin keeps working its way out. I fix then 3 days same prob

I push pin back in and its good for 3-5 days then same prob. Obviously a design flaw. Dealer wants 800 bucks to fix. Anyone have any ideas. Its an easy fix i was thinking on using jb weld to hold pin in. Thoughts?? I refuse to pay 800 bucks for a simple fix. Ford dealer wants to replace the whole shifter console

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HouseCallAuto 2/3/2013

there are no rules here. Yes, the pin design is an issue that plagues more than just Fords design. Others are having similar issues and the fix is replacing the shifter ass'y. However, MacGyver a way to get the pin to stay like you said and that is the fix. You already knew what to do. I think you just needed "permission" and "agreement" as we all do on many topics sometimes. Fix it like you said.


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