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Oshun_Wata 1/8/2020

2009 Nissan Altima S 4 Cyl 2.50L


2009 Nissan Altima Fuel Pump Relay location?

My car engine won't turn over. It was diagnosed a while ago as a fuel pump gone bad. Now I replaced the fuel pump but it isn't getting power to it. I bought a new relay but I cannot find where to put it at. Does anyone know where it is? Also note, my car has no check engine lights, no brake lights, no crank issues, like it runs great. So if there are any other possible reasons why the engine won't turn over after it cranks please let me know.

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Jimm 1/8/2020

First question - by not turning over do you mean the engine simply will not start?

Check for the presence of air, fuel and spark (ignition). Check the air filter and air intake condition. Next, check the fuel pressure in two locations; at the fuel pump outlet and at the fuel rail.
Finally, check for correct and strong spark at the ignition coil and at the spark plugs.


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