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Matt 9/29/2012

2008 Lincoln MKZ Base 6 Cyl 3.5L


"Why does my 2008 MKZ experience sputtering under acceleration and unintended acceleration?"

Mileage is 23, 233. Car is in very good condition and I have not had any "major" problems. This past week I experienced my first major event with the MKZ at rush hour in Dallas.
The car had been driven one mile. As I attempted to accelerate to gain entrance to a freeway bridge, the car did not accelerate - it began sputtering and shaking - similar to a bad tank of gas. No engine lights came on and the car did not completely die. I was able to get the car to the shoulder where it would reach speeds of 5 to 20 mph. Upon getting the car to a parking lot, I telephoned a local Dallas Lincoln service center who told me to turn off the car. After turning the car back on, no engine lights appeared. I was able to slowly drive the car home at speeds of 30-40 mph. During the drive home, the car appeared to accelerate properly, or in a similar manner before this non-acceleration incident. The car is in the garage and I have not had any work performed on it. I hope to keep the car.

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