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Alana 1/11/2021

2007 Saturn Aura XE 6 Cyl 3.50L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

What could cause my 2007 Saturn r gears shifter to slip off of the track and how can it be fixed my car was stuck in rev

My car is stuck in reverse but the gear shifter where you put it in gear is gliding back and forth like it's off a track and I cut the car off and now it won't start back up because I believe it's still in reverse because the gear shifter wasn't catching to change the gear it's just gliding back and forth I wasn't having any problems until that happened I was backing out of a parking spot and when I went to put it back and drive to drive off I was still rolling backwards if your shifter would move back and forth but it didn't catch so I couldn't even put it in drive once I turn the car off it wouldn't start back up anymore but it's not the battery cuz all my components work on the inside the car just wouldn't start back up what could this be and what would I need to fix it

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