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Mbenni ... 8/2/2018

2007 Honda Odyssey EX-L 6 Cyl 3.50L

Body & Interior

2007 Odyssey Air Conditioner

I have had the following work done:
1. New Compressor, Napa TEM
2. Condenser, Napa TEM
3. All components that came with the compressor kit
4. New front and rear expansion valves
5. Freon is at proper levels
6. Oil is at proper level
7. New clutch and fan relays
8. No leaks detected
9. Blend doors. Cleaned and working properly
10. PCM update for fans to come to high speed when pressure reaches 221. Done at Honda dealership.
All of this work because the compressor relay went bad and burned up the clutch. The van is still not blowing cold. 83 degrees outside and low humidity. Air from vents is 72 degrees. On road after 25 minutes air is 59-60 degrees. All work done by a qualified mechanic but not a Honda dealer. We cannot figure out why it is not working the way it should. The low side lines are cold and the high side lines are hot but the system is not cooling the way it should. Any insight would be appreciated.
Many thanks.

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Samuel 8/2/2018

I would take a look at the blend door operation. Some units don't shut the heater flow ever and rely on the blend doors to direct air flow for temp control.


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