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perris ... 2/16/2011

2007 Honda Element SC 4 Cyl 2.4L


My 2007 Honda Element SC 4 cyl 2.4L has a rapid ticking sound coming from the engine.RPM are hitting 2000 at 20MPH. Help

My mileage is 4545 and I just recently started having troubles

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Bill 2/16/2011

If your mileage is only 4,545 miles is it still under warranty? If so, get an oil change if been awhile. Recomend changing oil every 3-5,000 miles or yearly, whichever comes first. This will avoid dealership from saying oil dirty, maintenance not properly done, your problem not ours. If you actually only drive this many miles I would use synthetic oil also. Changing oil may just cure the problem, and check oil level on dipstick now to see if at full mark.


perriscoleman 2/17/2011

im sorry i inputted the wrong mileage. I am at 45459.

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