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Clneff2000 1/10/2022

2007 Ford Edge SEL 6 Cyl 3.50L


2007 Ford Edge heat not working on driver side.

I have an 07 Ford Edge, heat only works on passenger side but it's def not the 90* that it should be. Driver side blows cold air. Tried resetting the fuse as well as checking the blend door motor on the driver side and it's moving. It's a dual temp system, that's why it has 2 blend doors. My antifreeze resi appears full, I'm running normal engine temp... any idea what the problem could be?

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Teddy B

Teddy B 1/13/2022

Never heard of resetting a fuse want to explain that ?

Most vehicles have 5 Blend Doors not 2.

You should look at scan tool data for blend door codes as well
a temp sensors in the HVAC Ducting.

If you have no service manual & I guess a 2007 is on a CD then
what do you study or how do you learn anything before starting
a diagnoses.

You could look at You Tube Videos if there are any on your issue.

You have 1 Blend Door (hot or a/c) & a door for defrost,cabin,floor
& outside air total 5.

So either one motor is Not working through out it's total travel or a
sensor in the duct & you may have 3 of those (need the service info)
maybe effecting the EATC (dual control in your words) from selecting
or performing the task properly.

I start by selecting each of the 5 doors manually,that doesn't eliminate
the control module from being confused based on a failed sensor possibly
the blend door sensor.


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