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AutoMD ... 5/12/2014

2006 Jeep Commander Limited 8 Cyl 4.70L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

2006 Jeep Commander Base 8Cyl4.7L - Transmissions or air conditioner = "Blend Door"

Took my car in for a belt replacement - told me I need a transmission -got a transmission. Since then less than 30-day one problem after another. They currently are making the repairs for free but are now say this "need Service light and Blend Door issue" is not related to their work. Understand initially had no problem except what I thought was a leaky hose to my air condition/coolant -- They said no it was the transmission? Once they fixed the transmission, if I turn on the air conditioner the Blend Door issue start up if I move the control knob now it starts if I do nothing but turn on the air condition. They keep taking the car (Firestone once a week) and return it with the same or more problems.

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GT500Knights 5/12/2014

Take it to another reputable repair facility. I've known firestone to do some poor work.....not necessarily on firestone's part. Probably the technicians fault. I would either take it elsewhere or ask for their master technician to resolve all your problems since they keep breaking something else on your vehicle.


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