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nelsonpt22 10/21/2010

2006 BMW M5 Base 10 Cyl 5.0L


2006 BMW M5, won't start, new battery installed 5 months ago.

2'nd time in a week. Put the key in and the car will light up for about a second and shut down completely. First time it happened I waited it out for about 10 minutes, opened the hood, jiggled the battery cable, slammed the hood and it started right up. Worked fine for 3 days. This time nothing will light back up. Put a charger on the battery, and it kicks the charger off (new charger). Shows that it's charging for about 10 seconds, gets up to 6 on the volt meter, and shuts down. Parking lights flicker as it's doing this. Car has 63,000 miles on it by the way. Don't think it's the alternator as it started the other day and worked again for 3.

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Bob R.

Bob R. 11/25/2010

Want to sell me the car? It's my dream car! Anyway, it is probably a bad battery. Take it out, or disconnect the negative terminal and put a charger on the battery for at least 12 hours. Then, put a voltmeter on it - it should read about 13.2 volts. Wait a day - still disconnected from the car - and check the voltage again. If it is less than 12v, you have a bad new battery. Your charger shutting down after a few seconds indicated an internal short in teh battery.

Bob R.

nelsonpt22 11/26/2010

Thanks Bob! Actually turned out to be a bad connection of the cable (we had it serviced about 2 weeks prior and they didn't hook it back up tight enough. Did the trick! ;o)

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