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donwilkie 11/8/2010

2000 Saturn LW1 Base 4 Cyl 2.20L


2000 saturn lw1 will not start.

Was an intermitttent problem until yesterday. Now the car will not start. Checked the fuel pressure at the fuel rail - should be 50 to 60 psi, at 55psi. Changed the crank position sensor and the control module but the problem still exists. It doesn't seem to have spark. Sprayed ether in it but could only smell ether out exhaust pipe but it didn't start.

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Fox Hound

Fox Hound 11/8/2010

The first step in testing for lack of spark is to verify that a no spark condition actually exists. A simple spark tester available at most auto parts stores is very handy here. I recommend removing the fuel pump fuse to keep the fuel pump from running during spark testing.

Disconnect one of the plug wires and connect the spark tester in series with the spark plug. Crank the engine and look for spark. You'll see the spark pulsing inside the tester as the engine turns over.

If there is no spark at the spark plug, disconnect the main lead from the ignition coil to the distributor cap and connect a spark tester in series with the coil wire. Crank the vehicle and check the tester for spark to the distributor.

If you get good spark at the main lead to the distributor and no spark at the spark plug, the distributor cap and/or rotor is bad and should be replaced.

Here is more info on troublshooting your car



darkmind 11/8/2010

If you turn your key your vehicle cranks/turn over but won’t start? Or when you turn the key nothing happens?

You should check the condition of your battery (voltage, cranking amperage, state of charge), it may be low.
Check/inspect your battery terminals and cables, fusible link, fuses and wires/connection from your battery to your ignition system components. You can also check out this links might help you http://www.automd.com/diagnose/inspection
And http://www.automd.com/diagnose/inspection


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