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ddsmst 6/5/2010

1998 Honda Odyssey EX 4 Cyl 2.3L


My 1998 honda odyssey stalls at times

Im a mechanic whos pulling out his hair trying to figure out why my vehicle stalls. It does this sometimes while driving as if it wants to stop. I only have 59,000 miles and I replaced every part except the coil and the ignition switch. While doing my research I found several people with this issue and they claim it was the ignition switch. Help anyone?

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HouseCallAuto 6/6/2010

Yes, replace the ignition switch. Very high failure rate. Almost a sure thing.


ddsmst 6/6/2010

Thanks for your response. Just went to order the switch and i have one more question. Do you think i need the actual switch or just the cable. I found a site that sells just the cable. Correct me if I'm wrong but i think i just need the switch. The car starts normal with no issues. Thanks


ddsmst 6/12/2010

I just took my van to the dealer since i found out that there is a recall on the switch. They replace my ignition switch and the problem still remains. it seems as if its getting worse. As if it wants to shut down. Forgot to mention that I took it to the dealer a few months back and they counldnt dupicate the problem either.
Anything else you can think of?

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