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sunshi ... 1/31/2013

1998 Honda Civic EX 4 Cyl 1.6L


1998 Honda Civic EX. Starts ok but within a few miles begins to run rough and then stalls out.

Happens when warmed up
Happens when driving, if I shut it off it won't start again
All the time

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HouseCallAuto 2/1/2013

You have a faulty ignition coil or ignition control module. Both of these components are located inside the distributor. So first try replacing the coil and if that don't fix it then replace the module. The module and coil costs may be more than what a new distributor would cost which comes with these components already installed. The only details I would like to pass on to you from experience is if you buy a new distributor ass'y rather than replacing one component at a time inside your distributor, I would insist that you buy a new unit rather than a remanufactured unit, as the defect rate is very high right out of the box. Dorman (brand) makes new units at a reman price.


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