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crappy ... 10/19/2013

1997 Buick LeSabre Limited 6 Cyl 3.80L


1997 buick le sabre the battery is being drained approx every 3 days when not driven. Batt has been checked numorous tim

What could be draining this batt?

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HouseCallAuto 10/19/2013

There is a procedure to find out. The procedure can be a DIY procedure but rather than me try to explain it and maybe leave out a few important details, I suggest that you Google the phrase "parasitic draw" and read procedures on more than one site that you find and digest methods used and select a site that you feel comfortable with the detailed explanations. Only thing that I will add is that the majority of all cases of battery drain are caused by a bad battery, even when the battery was checked by a pro and deemed good. However, if you replaced the battery and this symptom has remained then you can rule it out as a cause. Remember that even when the car is parked and not used, certain modules use a tiny amount of power at all times to keep them alive (but asleep) and given enough time sitting (not a week mind you) the battery will become run down. It is said that a drain of more than 50 milliamps is too much.


keith 12/4/2013

had same problem .short inside radio/CD player.drove me crazy.I don't use CD player much and when I put one in I got shocked .replaced stereo and hasn't since,maybe this will help


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