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mona65 7/30/2012

1997 BMW 540i Base 8 Cyl 4.4L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

i have a 1997 540i bmw and have just paid out 500.00 for tune up andvalve cover gaskests

i only use premium gas in this car, but my continues to stall for lack of gos flow. i can be traveling at full speed and it will break down while i'm driving it will slow to almost 0 mph. Please help me out! I have this car fueling system revamped for 23,000.00 in february. I have tried gas treatments(chevron techtron) per dealership. I'm in need of help and almost scared to drive it. I do'nt think that my fuelfilter has been changed.

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RC 7/30/2012

Hard to follow all your issues, but if you just had it tuned up, take it back to the shop.


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